By Brigitta Bouwer

The news of the global virus, Covid19, has hit the world like a primordial bombshell wreaking havoc and disaster into the minds and hearts of many.

Suddenly our world of monotonous rhythms and routines has been shaken into colour by the growing universal consciousness of panic and fear.

Our lives, overrun by the countless and never-ending stream of statistics, news headlines and a bombardment of concerning information has taken the world by storm.

This event, dear hearts, is a cosmic wakeup call of epic proportions.

Suddenly the simple tasks we perform each day in our unconscious slumber, have been given a new sense of importance.

From the way that we wash our hands, to each object that we touch, we suddenly now approach each task in an awakened state of consciousness.

The cosmic truth of this event:

I believe that occurrences like this are like a universal shock wave, running through the minds of all humankind, meant to dislodge our sturdy footing upon the paths of selfish endeavours and ignorant disconnection.

It is a way for the universe to reset the minds of man.

A way to bring us out of our mindless routines, to illuminate the misconceptions that we are separate and alone.

It is a call to each and every one of us, to wake up and step up, as a community, as the human race.

Yes, the arrival of this virus spreading across the planet is scary.

With the amount of information making its way into literally every waking minute of our lives, it is no wonder many of us are feeling consumed by uncertainty and fear.

But a virus such as Covid19 is like a universal tap on the shoulder, asking us to come back to reality, to be present, to open our eyes to a new way of seeing and to open our hearts to a new way of being.

Experiencing this epidemic a little differently:

I would like to invite you to open yourself up to experiencing this global crisis a little differently than maybe you have been thus far.

I would like to invite you to step courageously into your power. To become the light that you wish so desperately to see in this world.

I invite you to become a source of comfort and calm, of light, clarity, and compassion in a time of much upheaval, anxiety, fear, and disconnection.

I invite you to approach this new experience with a sense of open curiosity.

To accept this invitation from the universe to begin living your life with your eyes wide open.

To finally remove the veil of untruths from your mind, to realise deeply that we are all in this together.

Know that this world has seen viruses, disease, war, and disaster many times before, yet, in unity, we as a human race have and can still overcome this time of turmoil by honouring the sacred power of being wholly present and awake.

How to step into your power:

Instead of allowing this crisis to distance you from your fellow soul-sisters and brothers, I invite you to use the incredibly powerful creative force within you to bring about a universal healing.

Instead of getting caught up in the fear-mongering of the media, I invite you to connect with the image and idea of mass universal health and healing.

See the world in your mind’s eye as connected to the powerful energy of healing through unity and grace.

Continue to heed the guidance from the international health departments of course, but allow yourself to release the fear, to step into the safety and security of universal consciousness and to bring about a much-needed change.

How you can bring about change:

Change the way that you view this precious experience we call life.

Change the way you interact with your fellow man.

Change the way you approach your unconscious habits, behaviours, and routines.

Change the way you show and accept kindness and compassion.

Change the way you think, act and feel.

Change the way you connect with everyone and everything.

This is a chance to use the power of loving intention to bring about a global change for the good of all mankind and this planet we call home.

It is a time for practicing being fully present, for practicing mindfulness.

This is an opportunity for us to unite, in love, understanding and an awakened state of being.

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