October Forecast: Powering up with passion

October Forecast: Powering up with passion.

By Brigitta Bouwer

Hello dear souls,

I am so excited for the month ahead and I cannot wait to begin assisting you with utilising the energetic forces of productivity, strength and stability this October to really stride forwards towards becoming an even more powerful creative force in your life!

I hope you are you ready for what this month has in store, because October is going to be a goodie!

Are you ready for a month of passion, power and productivity?

October Energetic Forecast:

This month we are being asked to level up.

We are being led to step out of our old patterns, beliefs and behaviours and to integrate the inner work we have been doing over the past few months in order to morph into a more empowered version of ourselves.

This is a terrific time for activating passion projects.

With lusty Libra energy igniting our inner drive and October’s number 4 energy directing our focus, this is a time for getting things done.

This year has really reinforced for me the energetic climate that staying stagnant in our old ways of being, doing and thinking simply isn’t an option anymore.

If you have found that this year has been a tough one with many tests, trials and tumultuous changes don’t be disheartened, you are not alone!

Gone are the days where we can sit back and watch the world go by – unaffected by the universal energetic shifts and resistant to facing our truths.

Big things are happening globally, and this means that we are being guided to stand up, show up, and step up!

Whilst this can be a daunting experience, it needn’t be met with fear and overwhelm but rather with excitement, enthusiasm and joyful anticipation.

The shifts we have been experiencing are there to help guide us to do the work that we have been called to do, to bring us into alignment with our magnificent soul fire, inner wisdom and innate personal power.

The universe has been silently directing us back to the path we are meant to be walking so that we can experience more love, freedom and joy!

So, breathe a sigh of relief dear soul, because you are exactly where you are supposed to be!


Taking October by storm:

With Libra energy in the air, we are being supported to cultivate and nourish those passion projects which have been neglected and ignored.

Libra is relationship and personal passions focused so be sure to spend some time this month feeding the soul by indulging in interactions with healthful relationships and nourishing connections with friends, family and loved ones.

With no personal planets in retrograde, it’s all systems go!

So be sure to utilize this cosmic energy of harmony and synchronicity to fuel your mind, body and soul towards manifesting those heart-felt intentions.


Tips for making the most of it:

1. Take some time for getting lost in your dreams

Take the time to contemplate and reflect upon your deepest desires and greatest dreams.

Commence new projects, investigate new ventures and take inspired action towards making those dreams a reality.

Create vision boards.

Write about your dreams and desires in your journal.

Tell your friends about your plans and exciting new ventures.

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.”- Oprah Winfrey


2. Develop and commit to a game plan

Dreams without planning and action, remain just that… dreams.

Develop a plan of action by setting 3 main goals you can achieve this month that will move you closer to your desired end result and dreams.

Commit to your action plan by developing a workable daily schedule with specific tasks that will help to guide you towards achieving your main goals.

Stay accountable by checking in weekly with where you are and make adjustments as needed.


3. Be mindful of maintaining balance

It’s going to be super important to create and maintain balance between the relationships in your life and your passion projects/ new ventures.

Schedule in time each day/ week for connecting with friends, family and loved ones.


I would love to hear from you!

What passion projects will you be diving into this month?

What ignites the fire in your soul?

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