Reboot Challenge: 21 Day Meal Planner

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I am so excited to bring you my 21-Day REBOOT MEAL PLANNER GUIDE!!

This guide has been designed as an aid to support the development and maintenance of a strong immune system and happy, healthy gut.

This plan is exactly what I use to help REBOOT my system by reconnecting with daily self-love practices, such as the incorporation of more nutritious, gut-healthy foods that are simple and easy to prepare. If you have been feeling a little run down, demotivated, or uninspired then this is the perfect way to hit the reset button.

The meal plan is a calorie-controlled plan and is within the acceptable macronutrient distribution ranges. This means that the program is neither high protein nor low carb. It is simply a balanced program with a focus on fueling your body with gut-healthy, nutritious foods, whilst keeping within a specific calorie range of 1500 calories/day.

The plan also provides step-by-step instructions on how to calculate your individual caloric needs, and how to adjust the plan to meet those needs.

The goal of the meal plan guide was to show you how you can fuel your body with wholesome nutritious foods whilst still being able to include your favorite treats. Because I believe that living a healthy balanced lifestyle, means enjoying your favorite treats, but doing it in a way that is balanced.

51 Pages of Meal Planning GOLD
About The Program
How To Follow The Meal Guide
How To Adjust The Guide To You
Meal Guide – Meal Replacement Products
Healthy Habits 101
Countdown Calendar
Daily Activity Planner
21 Day Daily Meal Planner (1500 Cal/day)
Recipe Book

Improved Digestion
More Energy
Mental Clarity & Focus
Boost Immunity
New Perspectives
Better Sleep
Emotional Balance
Increased self-awareness
Improved Self-Care
Being more present

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