Vinyasa Yoga

Due to Covid19 we will be teaching all our weekly group vinyasa yoga classes live, online!

About Vinyasa Yoga:

Vinyasa yoga is a practice which focuses upon the union of breath and movement. The classical definition of Vinyasa is a “gradual progression”.

Vinyasa (A.K.A Vinyasa Flow) has become an extermely powerful form of moving meditation for regular practitioners. In a vinyasa yoga class, a series of asana (yoga postures) are strung together to create a dynamic and flowing sequence. Each movement is synchronized to a breath. Primacy is given to the breath which acts as an anchor, as the practioner moves from one pose to the next.

Due to the rhythmic connection between breath and movement,  this particular practive aids in students being able to access a meditative state more easily. One must develop strong mental focus and presence in order to pair each movement with a breath.

Vinyasa Yoga classes vary as there is no set sequence of postures one needs to complete but rather is at the sole discretion of the instructor. Practitioners are offered a new experience each time they step onto the mat. Each class progresses from an easy to moderate level of exertion with varying levels of pace, flexibility and strength demands. It is truly a beautiful and creative practice.

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