This event, dear hearts, is a cosmic wakeup call of epic proportions.

I believe that occurrences like this are like a universal shock wave, running through the minds of all humankind, meant to dislodge our sturdy footing upon the paths of selfish endeavours and ignorant disconnection.

It is a way for the universe to reset the minds of man.

A way to bring us out of our mindless routines, to illuminate the misconceptions that we are separate and alone.

I am so excited for the month ahead and I cannot wait to begin assisting you with utilizing the energetic forces of productivity, strength and stability this October to really stride forwards towards becoming an even more powerful creative force in your life!

I hope you are you ready for what this month has in store, because October is going to be a goodie!

Are you ready for a month of passion, power and productivity?


As we progress further into September, we are prompted to remain awake to the insights and truths which have been gleaned in the earlier parts of this year. We are being asked to integrate the lessons, to take with us the teachings so that we can release our grip on the experiences of the past, allowing us to access contentment in its closure…

August is going to demand that we find and develop a balance between our masculine energies of logic and result-driven action and our feminine energies of allowing and simply being

This week we are going to uncover the blueprint for how to make your dreams a reality by creating for ourselves a solid foundation of who we are, what makes us tick, and what really matters to us most…

Today I want to talk about how you can utilize the “builder” energy in April to bring about the physical manifestation of your dreams and ideas in 2019….

My name is Brigitta. I am a yoga teacher and gym owner living in beautiful Cape Town, South Africa. I have to admit, I came to know yoga, spirituality and the concepts of wellness quite by chance…

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