Building the life of your dreams.

By Brigitta Bouwer

Hello dear soul and welcome back,

A couple of weeks ago, we looked at how we could step into April with focus and joy.

We touched on the importance of utilizing the builder energy in April to bring about the physical manifestation of your dreams in 2019.

The truth:

As much as I would love to tell you that all you need is a wish and prayer, or that we can rely solely on the universal and energetic influence in our lives to manifest the life of our dreams, sadly I cannot.

When we choose to pursue our dreams, there are certain trials we all need to overcome.

We have to understand that to live a life filled with joy, love, harmony, and abundance we need to do the work. This is where most of us stumble.

We become blocked by one trial or another and we decide that the dream we so deeply long for, must not be in the cards for us.

We settle for less, we stop fighting the good fight. I am here to reassure you, this needn’t be the case, dear one!

Let’s recap:

In the last blog, we took the time to consider the “layout” of our inner landscape.

We took some time to ponder and imagine exactly what it is that we would like to consciously create this year. We visualized what the dreamy expression of our lives would look and feel like. We began with the all-important vision.

If you haven’t as yet had a chance to read the previous post, then I invite you to take the time now…

Read it and begin with the process of visualizing.

You can click here to check it out–>

Uncovering the blueprint for personal success:

This week we are going to uncover the blueprint for how to make our dreams a reality by creating for ourselves a solid foundation by understanding who we are, what makes us tick, and what really matters to us most.

Are you someone who is able to envision your ideal life, but have no idea how to create it?

If your answer is ‘YES!’, you are not alone! I was too…

For a long time, I remember imagining the life of my dreams. The thing is, I was never really able to create it because the image I was visualizing my head was somewhat foggy and out of focus.

It can be very frustrating and even scary when we find ourselves blocked, unable to move forward in the directions of our dreams.

Bombshell alert!

The reason I believe so many of us become blocked is because we forget to ask ourselves the important questions! We forget to realign our dreams with who we are as we grow and change and develop as individuals!

Today I would like to help you to take that first step forwards towards creating the life of your dreams.

I would like to help you to create a life which resonates deeply and profoundly with the core of who you are.

A life which will have you feeling filled with joy and love and gratitude.

Before we begin:

I want you to know that I used to struggle with this work too. I found it challenging to ask myself difficult questions.

Dear one, developing yourself, working on getting to know and understand yourself better is HARD.

It takes time and it does take dedication but I can promise you this… it is the best investment I have ever made. The investment in myself.

Our foundations are what will keep us safe, grounded and supported as we undertake this journey towards living the life of our dreams.

I want to share some great techniques that will help you create a supportive starting point upon which you can grow and expand into greatness.


How to make dreams a reality:

1. Taking stock of our current reality.

Sometimes we become so focused on rehashing our past or worrying about and anticipating the future that we forget to simply check in with the present.

The thing is that the present moment is the only moment we really get to live. This is where we have power. We have the power to choose and to choose again.

Today, stop for a moment and consider your current reality.

Take some time to evaluate what area of your life needs some love and attention and what area of your life needs some realigning and adjustment.

In order to create the life of our dreams, it is so important to assess where we are so that we can move forward with awareness and clarity.

2. Decide what is really important to you.

When we are young, we are taught what is important by the adults in our lives.

We learn from our parents, our teachers, our idols what we should place a high value on and what we should disregard as insignificant or trivial.

What happens, as I came to realize, is that we hold these values and belief systems from our childhood as absolute truth. We forget that we are allowed to stop and ask ourselves if these thoughts and beliefs, which we have grown up with, still ring true for us as adults.

We forget that we are allowed to choose for ourselves what brings us happiness, love, and peace.

Deciding what is really important to us is such an empowering experience because it helps us to reconnect with the reasons why we have a certain goal or dream or desire.

This reason, our “why”, is what is going to keep pushing us forward when we feel like we can’t face another challenge.


3. Protect your energy by setting healthy boundaries.

Instead of looking at your boundaries as the moat around your dream life (a way of keeping certain people and experiences out), I invite you to think of your boundaries as the draw bridge to your castle. (The gate which allows you to invite into your life, those people and experiences which will add value, love, peace, and joy.)

This is a vital step in creating the dream life we all desperately crave.

Our boundaries are aligned with what we hold sacred, how we value and treat ourselves and relate to every area of our lives.

Boundaries help to protect our energy so that we are better able to interact with and thrive in the world.

The important questions:

  1. What behaviors and actions am I comfortable with?

(Answer this as it relates to your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and work life.)

2. What behaviors and actions am I not comfortable with?

(Again, answer in relation to your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and work life.)

Please remember:

  • You are allowed to choose how you wish to be treated and spoken to.
  • You are allowed to say ‘No’.
  • You are allowed to ask for help and support.

Giving ourselves the permission to invite into our lives the situations, people and experiences that bring love and joy into our lives are so important for building a safe and supportive environment so that we can thrive.

Quick Tip: Your emotions are an extremely important indicator of when your boundaries have been broken. If you find yourself getting angry, sad or drained, this is usually a very good indicator that one of your boundaries have been broken. So take note of the situation and become aware of why you are feeling the way that you are.

Now that we know what we are comfortable with and what we are not comfortable with, we are in a position of power.

Most people never take the time to ask themselves these incredibly important questions.

We are now beginning to familiarize ourselves with our powerful inner refuge, our true and authentic self.

Now we are flowing through April with focus and joy dear souls.

And…Because I love you all so much…

and want to help you to build the life of your dreams, I would like to offer you this FREE E book! This is an amazing way of working through the foundation steps so that you can begin building the life of your dreams.



In this FREE EBOOK you will receive the entire foundations toolkit, which includes:

  1. Journal exercises to identify the areas of your life that may need some love and attention as well as those areas that are in joyful flow.
  2. Journal exercises to help identify your core values.
  3. Boundary setting exercises.
  4. Boundary setting CHEAT SHEET!


 Until next time.

Loads of love and light to you beautiful beings!



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