8 Week Body/ Mind Reboot

It’s that time of the year, as we approach the half-way point, many of us begin to feel run-down, stressed out, burnt out and all together uninspired.
Our bodies begin to ache, we go to bed tired and wake up feeling exhausted. Most have lost track of their new year’s resolutions and goals and we move from energized and enthused to survival mentality of “let me just get through this day”.
What if you could re-instil that sense of excitement and energy you had at the beginning of the year? What if you could help your body and mind hit the reset button?
What if you were able to glide through the second half of this year with calm, clarity, determination and above all energy?
Well, that is exactly what this 8 week body/ mind reboot is for!
Who is this 8 week reboot for?
This body/ mind reboot is for anyone:
Who feels that they need help getting back on track
Who feels like they are achieving less than they could
Who feels stressed or overwhelmed at work or at home
Who feels frustrated at work or at home
Who feels emotionally exhausted
Who is prone to physical sickness or pain
Who feels permanently under pressure
Who finds it difficult to relax
Who feels they have lost their passion, drive and ambition
Who feels constantly fatigued
Who suffers from sleeplessness due to stress
Suffering from a loss of appetite due to stress
Who has lost interest in goals and planning for the future
Who feels alone and unsupported in life
Who suffers from anxiety
Who would like to learn how to overcome stress and burnout
What you can expect on this 8 week workshop program:
Each week participants will be offered coaching in key concepts and tools to improve their quality of life.
Participants will be guided through various workshops to help them restore balance, energy and overall well-being.
This workshop is designed to offer participants continued support over the 8 week period, helping each individual get the most from this experience. Participants will learn and develop conscious strategies and habits to master their health and energy levels in an age of stress and burnout.
Participants will receive weekly live interactive training, a mind and body reboot workbook, weekly downloadable guided meditations as well as a weekly 60min Restorative yoga class, all designed to assist you in your journey back to your authentic, energized self.
Some of the workshop concepts include:
Balancing your energy: Key factors for optimal health
Stress Management: Learn how to use your breath and other tools for stress relief
Finding stillness: How to establish a personal meditation practice.
Compassionate self: How to be kind to yourself
Supporting your goals: Realign with what you want
Introduction to mindfulness: Your power is in the here and now.
Accountability: How to manage yourself and keep yourself accountable
What is the investment?
Option 1: R3200.00pp
Includes: 12 hours of live contact training and workshops, 8 hours of restorative yoga classes, mind and body reboot workbook, 8 guided meditations for you to use during and after the workshop.
Option 2: R4000.00pp
Includes: 12 hours of contact training and workshops, 8 hours of restorative yoga, mind and body reboot workbook, 8 guided meditations for you to use during and after the workshop, unlimited yoga classes for the duration of the 8 week workshop at our studio.
How do I sign up?
Contact: workshops@yogamotive.co.za to reserve your spot.
A non-refundable deposit of R1200.00 is required to secure your booking.
All payments to be made in full no later than 27 June 2018.

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